You are my Sunshine/You is my Sunshine, Jun 14 – Jul 26, 2003

Past: 55 Chrystie St

Installation view, You are my Sunshine/You is my Sunshine, Canada, New York, 2003


Brian Belott,

Big Apple,


21 × 22 in (53.34 × 55.88 cm)


Devendra Banhart,

Red Monument,

7 × 9 ¼ in (17.78 × 23.49 cm)

Ink, paper, carbdoard, fabric

Tim Rutili,


Dimensions variable

500 Polaroids

Press Release

CANADA is pleased to present You Are My Sunshine/You Is My Sunshine, a group exhibition of work by artist/musician/musician/artists organized by Constance Feydy and Jeremy Yoder. Included in the show is the work of...

DEVENDRA BANHART released his debut album, “Oh Me Oh MY...The Way The Day Goes By The Sun Is Setting Dogs Are Dreaming Lovesongs Of The Christmas Spirit” last year at the age of 21. His drawings, which incorporate text and images (disembodied hand's and teeth, floating beards, and monuments), illustrate the highly imaginative inner world that he inhabits.

TIM RUTILI is a veteran of the Chicago music scene, recording and performing with Red Red Meat throughout the ‘90’s and now with his band Califone. His installation of 500 of his Polaroids, which he alters during the developing process, is part diary of people and places, part distortion of reality.

BARCLEY’S BARNYARD CRITTERS is an artist collective from the deservedly famous Fort Thunder in Providence, RI, which included such residents as Forcefield and Lightning Bolt. Representing the group is an installation of vinyl records transformed into customized recordable CDs by MICHAEL WILLIAMS, as well as a performance video from their recent “Totem” tour.

BRIAN BELOTT presents loose collages ,as well as his books, which comprise hundreds of hours of the creative act he describes as “dowsing”. A collector of orphaned photographs and sounds, he is a frequent contributor to the NPR program, “Found Sound”.

TARA BURKE who performs under the name FURSAXA contributes to the psychedelic music scene that’s currently blossoming in Philadelphia . Her collages and drawings reflect the earthy, almost pagan sound of her recordings. Her album, “Mandrake”, was produced and released by Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple last year.

CAROLINER famous for their visually and sonically intense performances, is a legendary San Francisco band who took their name from a singing bull that lived during the 1800’s. ¿ The show will include a complete collection of their 11 LPs, each of which is unique and handcrafted, and a selection of drawings.

MICHAEL MAHALCHICK is a New York artist who’s band, Experimental Makeup combines performance art with music. Mahalchick is no stranger to the mixtape, making hundreds of them for friends and fans throughout his time at CalArts. His work can also currently be seen at the Greene Naftali Gallery in the show “Regarding Amy”.