Xylor Jane, Robin Peck and Luke Murphy, Dec 11 – Jan 1, 2005

Past: 55 Chrystie St

Installation view, Xylor Jane, Robin Peck and Luke Murphy, Canada, New York, 2004

Press Release

Xylor Jane uses math and markers to make drawings that are based on number sequences devised by a 13C mathematician. From pine combs to snails to hurricanes the systems used in these drawings appear everywhere in nature. Grided on paper and color, they whisper secret codes, they are the sound of snowflakes crystallizing in your ear. They are numbers flickered into patterns so familiar that they simply might be us.

Robin Peck has been using reduced white form to build sculpture for over thirty years. These are consistently rational objects built up from the tectonics of minimalism right through to the distillation of conceptual art. Robin Peck makes sculpture for sculptors and mathematicians, they are objects intent on addressing the history of civilization and the permanence of geological time. The number three and its repeated use in Mesopotamian temple construction influence these latest works.

Luke Murphy is a painter who uses his computer to animate the parts between his paintings. Digital code petrifiers and crystal growth ratios, these are pornographic graphs and of course sometime shame spirals. Be it through powerpoint or photoshop or magic marker Luke Murphy continues to build an ever-higher tower of data bytes, and meta-digital meanderings. It might simply have something to do with our life and death struggle between light and dark or contentment and surrender, they are equations for inequalities, Luke is a hero.