Gedi Sibony
The Qualities Depend on Other Qualities, Apr 24 – May 30, 2004

Past: 55 Chrystie St

Installation view, The Qualities Depend on Other Qualities, Canada, New York, 2004

Press Release

For his first solo show at CANADA, New York-based artist Gedi Sibony presents a group of interdependent sculptural work of both crude and delicate construction. Garbage bags pierced with white peg-board, hollow-core doors elaborated with sandpaper, driftwood stick structures, and office carpet fall into patches and arrange themselves kaleidoscopically. Synchronicity in placement and material makes way for a complex and sometimes absurd personal logic. Moving through the exhibition--following it around the walls, onto the floor, through the center of the gallery, viewers are left to make sense of the simple but puzzling formal and spatial connections.

Gedi Sibony has recently participated in group shows at White Columns and Socrates Sculpture Park.

He received an MFA from Columbia University in 2000, attended Skowhegan in 1999 and participated in the PS1 National Studio Program in 2000-2001.

Artist's Statement:

"I want to convey a kind of discovery by moving through things the way allegory incorporates various energies in a harmonious environment. This might be understood as an alignment of symbolic thinking and material tactility. I like sticks because they've fallen and I like walking on the beach to find them. They can't wait to become dirt. Maybe they don't care. Ilike carpet because it's flat, comes in different colors, and becomes a place to stand or say something. I like shiny silver because it's like the sky, or like buildings that fill the sky. I don't like green grass because it hasn't been forgotten. Putting the work together becomes a process of discovering connections and fittings like a conversation. Each different attempt or solution asserts itself into a new set of relationships without hiding its train of thought. Simple spatial connections or concurrencies link differences in treatment or handling to create an environment of relations like a path through the world.