NEW YORK'S FINEST, Jan 29 – Jan 5, 2004

Past: 55 Chrystie St

Installation view, NEW YORK'S FINEST, Canada, New York, 2004

Press Release

“We are doing something contrary to our place and time and as long as we remain what we are, all we can do is indicate our opinion. In other words, art becomes our opinion about ourselves, our times, and our place: and of course that is not really painting.”

-Milton Resnick

A group show of painters with a wide array of backgrounds, points of view and stylistic approaches. The criterion for this show is simple, all the participating artists are painters and they are New York’s finest practitioners of the art form. This show is not intended to be a thesis on what painting is or is not, rather it is a glimpse into the bumptious studios of many of the best painters in New York. This is a chance for a dialogue between paintings that have never been considered together. Democratic and vast in nature, this show will be hung neo salon-style throughout Canada’s generous gallery space. The result of bringing such a dynamic group together is unknown, but it is sure to be spontaneous, funny and exciting.