Eunice Kim
Moon the Magic Loser, Sep 19 – Oct 19, 2008

Past: 55 Chrystie St

Installation view, Moon the Magic Loser, Canada, New York, 2008

Press Release

We are proud to present Eunice Kim’s solo exhibition Moon the Magic Loser.

Through two weeks of thoughtful space time polarity analysis, Eunice Kim has realigned our chi. With collage sculpture, and mobiles, Kim revitalizes the hope of art as full environmental trip. As an architect, a witch and a magpie, Eunice’s concerns are infinite. Like totems or talismans, or a bodega bag caught on the wind, her work is of unreason, of being outside of time. String droops and catches objects and thoughts first funny then somber then beyond.

Eunice Kim draws from a long background in textiles and fibers. The materials here are humble, forgotten, hand-me-downs, now separated from function or the rational. With the accumulation and placement of cast offs like old newspapers, spinning wheels and the odd ostridge feather, Kim is quietly and mischievously dealing with the ever-expanding universe of surplus stuff left behind by a hysterically innovative society. The result is a place for strange feelings, odd thoughts and psychic transformation.