Michael Mahalchick
insides, Jan 31 – Mar 7, 2004

Past: 55 Chrystie St

Installation view, insides, Canada, New York, 2004

Press Release

For his first solo show at CANADA, Michael Mahalchick presents “insides”, new wall and floor sculptures. Running concurrently with “insides” is “prescence” a performance series curated by Mahalchick occurring nightly for the length of the exhibition.

High-chroma and hi-modernist, Mahalchick’s lumpen sculptures are conflicted, ragamuffin love objects from the knotted tangle of abject forms and colors the artist has managed to scavenge. Bound, beaded, woven, sewn and strung, Mahalchick’s fabric forms, a convergence of sub-domestic handicrafts and carnal desire, create a quiet and abstract drama of vulnerability, sexuality and optimism.

For the duration of the exhibition there will be a series of events grouped under the title “presence” presented nightly by artists invited by Mahalchick to stage an event within his exhibition. The series aims to magically coax consciousness into his work by dispersing the production of context to the unseen.