Sahar Khoury

Sculptor Sahar Khoury (b. 1973, Chicago, IL) emphasizes the virtues of the improvisational and the makeshift in purposefully off-kilter works that are amalgams of a range of media and techniques.

Using an intuitive approach to composition, she employs media promiscuously, working in ceramic, concrete, papier-mâché, resin, textiles, paint, metal, and wood, among others.

Additionally drawing on objects found in her lived environment in Oakland, CA, Khoury reacts to cast-off materials that she describes as “rejected, ubiquitous, unwanted” including belts, items of furniture, and plastic laundry baskets. Often, she uses existing objects as molds or surfaces off of which to take reliefs, creating positive forms that appear repeatedly across bodies of work. By using materials instinctively and spontaneously, Khoury insists on a slapstick and humor-filled approach.

Khoury frequently embeds conspicuous mechanisms of display (such as shelves, handles, and hooks) into the works themselves, dramatizing their structure in a cheeky way. Sometimes, such elements allude to structural purpose but don’t necessarily have one. Her sculptures might join papier-mâché numerals, ceramic armatures, and casts of found objects that all hang gingerly and tenderly together. According to Khoury: “My natural inclination is to make unity out of unlikely materials. So maybe that is what I am interested in, points of unity rather than purity, purity just doesn’t exist in my worldview.” In foregrounding improvisation in her work, Khoury avoids standard methods, fixed meanings, and codified forms of knowledge. Instead, she materially modelsa playful and limber method of making and moving through the world.

Artist: Studio

"I have never been someone who sits with a sketchbook and just starts drawing a vision or idea. I have always reacted to my environment and used it as a catalyst."


Sahar Khoury,

Untitled (purple, black leather, black loop Friskies box),


Glazed ceramic, pigmented mache, cardboard, leather, resin,

14 ¾ × 11 ½ × 6 in (37.47 × 29.21 × 15.24 cm)

Sahar Khoury,

Untitled (sumac),


Glazed ceramic, enameled glass, bronze, steel, and leather belts,

67 × 17 × 14 ¾ in (170.18 × 43.18 × 37.47 cm)


Sahar Khoury,

Untitled (Lola sitting on walnut rug slab in window),


30 × 20 × 17 ½ in (76.2 × 50.8 × 44.45 cm)

Stoneware, aluminum, cement, polystyrene, powder coated steel, rug remnants

Sahar Khoury,

Untitled (wall relief with blue glaze and green line),


26 ½ × 21 × 5 ½ in (67.31 × 53.34 × 13.97 cm)

Paper and textile mâché, glazed ceramic, steel, spray enamel, oil stick

Sahar Khoury,

Untitled (wall piece with purple blobs),


31 × 26 × 4 ¾ in (78.74 × 66.04 × 12.07 cm)

Paper and textile mâché, glazed ceramic, steel, acrylic, oil stick

Sahar Khoury,

Untitled (Cage Topiary With Accessories),


148 × 84 × 42 in (375.92 × 213.36 × 106.68 cm)

Animal cages, glazed ceramic, cement, and steel

Sahar Khoury,

Untitled (pants in tall vase),


46 ½ × 21 × 16 in (118.11 × 53.34 × 40.64 cm)

Textile/paper mache, cement, steel, paint

Sahar Khoury,

Untitled (triangle, rug pedestal),


27 ½ × 23 × 8 in (69.85 × 58.42 × 20.32 cm)

Rug, cement, steel, paint

Installation Views

Installation views, Sahar Khoury: Umm, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH, 2023


Sahar Khoury, You Can't Cut It Into Pieces, Mar 11 – Apr 9, 2022
Sahar Khoury, Afterhours, Sep 7 – Oct 19, 2019
Johanna Jackson and Sahar Khoury, bow bow, May 5 – Jun 11, 2017


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b. 1973, Chicago, IL

Lives and works in Oakland, CA

  • Education

    • 2013

      MFA, University of California, Berkeley, CA

    • 2013

      Certificate in New Media, University of California, Berkeley, CA

    • 1996

      BA, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

  • Selected Solo Exhibitions

    • 2023

      Umm, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH

    • 2022

      You can't cut it up into pieces, Canada, New York, NY

      Orchard, Rebecca Camacho Presents, San Francisco, CA

    • 2019

      The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA

      Afterhours, Canada, New York, NY

      Holder, Rebecca Camacho Presents, San Francisco, CA

    • 2017

      Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, CA

    • 2016

      2 x 2, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA

    • 2014

      2nd Floor Projects, San Francisco, CA