Joan Snyder

Joan Snyder (b. 1940, Highland Park, NJ; lives and works in Woodstock and Brooklyn, NY) first gained public attention in the early 1970s with her gestural and elegant “stroke paintings”, which used the grid to deconstruct and retell the story of abstract painting.

Through a fiercely individual approach and persistent experimentation with technique and materials, Snyder has extended the expressive potential of abstract painting and inspired generations of emerging artists.

Artist: Studio

"For me it’s as if every painting is like a piece of music. It has different needs and different moments and different sounds and different expressions. That’s how I move through a painting.”


Joan Snyder,



Oil, acrylic, burlap, paper mache, flower stems, leaves, ink, paper on linen in three parts,

32 × 96 in (81.28 × 243.84 cm)

Joan Snyder,

Burlap Bars,


Oil, acrylic, rosebuds, twigs, burlap on linen,

54 × 66 in (137.16 × 167.64 cm)

Joan Snyder,



Oil, acrylic, paper mache, burlap, rosebuds, straw, mud, ink, charcoal, paper on linen,

55 × 72 in (139.7 × 182.88 cm)

Joan Snyder,

Fragments of a Soul,


Oil, acrylic, ink, paper mache, paper, herbs, shells, straw, cloth on linen in two parts,

50 × 156 in (127 × 396.24 cm)

Joan Snyder,

Sub Rosa II,


Oil, acrylic, paper, ink, colored pencil on canvas in two parts,

54 × 64 in (137.16 × 162.56 cm)

Joan Snyder,

Orange Band,


Oil, acrylic, burlap, mud, pastel on linen,

24 × 24 in (60.96 × 60.96 cm)

Joan Snyder,



60 × 42 in (152.4 × 106.68 cm)

oil, acrylic, watercolor, paper, cloth, colored pencil, pastel on canvas

Joan Snyder,

Paint A Pond,


32 × 64 in (81.28 × 162.56 cm)

Oil, acrylic, burlap, paper on canvas

Joan Snyder,

The Summer Becomes a Room,


42 × 62 in (106.68 × 157.48 cm)

Oil, acrylic, herbs, rosebuds, burlap, cloth on canvas

Joan Snyder,

In Woodstock,


32 × 64 in (81.28 × 162.56 cm)

oil, acrylic, burlap, cloth, mud, herbs on linen

Joan Snyder,

Inner Green,


50 × 72 in (127 × 182.88 cm)

Oil, acrylic, paper mache, burlap, dried flowers on linen

Joan Snyder,

Field Marks,


30 × 96 in (76.20 × 243.84 cm)

Oil, acrylic, burlap, paper, and rose stems on canvas

Installation Views

Installation view of Joan Snyder The Summer Becomes a Room, Sep 2 – Oct 17, 2020, CANADA


Joan Snyder, ComeClose, Jan 12 – Feb 24, 2024
Joan Snyder, The Summer Becomes a Room, Sep 2 – Oct 17, 2020


Joan Snyder
ComeClose, 2024

Joan Snyder
The Summer Becomes a Room, 2020


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b. 1940 in Highland Park, NJ

Lives and works in Brooklyn and Woodstock, NY

  • Education

    • 1966

      MFA, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

    • 1962

      A.B., Douglass College at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

  • Selected Solo Exhibitions

    • 2024

      Joan Snyder, Thaddaeus Ropac, London, United Kingdom (forthcoming)

      ComeClose, CANADA, New York, NY

    • 2022

      To Become A Painting, Franklin Parrasch Gallery, New York, NY

      A Perspective, 1968-2017, Frieze New York, Franklin Parrasch Gallery, New York, NY

    • 2021

      Silk & Song, Galerie Haas, Zürich, Switzerland

    • 2020

      The Summer Becomes a Room, Canada, New York, NY

    • 2019

      Rosebuds & Rivers, Blain|Southern, London, UK

    • 2018-19

      Six Chants and One Altar, Anders Wahlstedt Fine Art, New York, NY